Jenny Rova | Älskling

Jenny Rova | Älskling


A self-portrait through the eyes of my lovers

Älskling is a particularly unqiue self-portrait: Jenny Rova shows herself the way her ex-boyfriends pictured her. The 54 photographs in the book were taken by nine former partners of hers over the past 25 years. The images are in chronological order and can be seen as biographical work, recounting parts of the artist’s life since the age of 19. The series also serves as an examination of how lovers look at each other and how their attraction and closeness is captured within a photograph. Älskling is Jenny Rova’s second book with b.frank books. I would also like to be was published in 2015.

Hardcover | 80 pages | 54 photographs | 25 x 19.5cm | first edition 2017 | designed by Alexandra Bruns

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