Will Steacy | Down These Mean Streets (artist edition)

Will Steacy | Down These Mean Streets (artist edition)


“Down These Mean Streets examines fear and the abandonment of America’s inner cities. Photographing only at night with a large format view camera, I work in a set routine by walking between the airport and central business district of each city I photograph. America has turned its back on cities as years of neglect have left our cities with limited resources to repair themselves and neighborhoods to crumble with no local economy, a public education system that barely meets requirements, a low income housing nightmare, as violence and drugs reign making survival a number one priority. America is at a crossroads as we struggle to escape the wrath of The Great Recession, laying off teachers and firefighters at an alarming rate in order to balance city budgets, still at war and searching for our place in a changing global economy. By addressing the loss and despair that prevail in our urban communities my aim is to reveal a modern portrait of the American inner city as problems and issues cannot be solved if they are not first identified. We must look inward at ourselves.” Will Steacy

hardcover | 112 pages | 108 full page collages | first edition 2012 | 400 copies

The artist edition of Down These Mean Streets is signed and comes in a vintage bank deposit bag. Also included are a noose, an antique wrench (made in the USA), an application for unemployment benefits, a scratch-off lotto ticket, an original buffalo nickel and an American flag.

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